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Did you know?

From Dominik:

Hi, I thought I should tell you that, in reference to your statement of how the book compares to the movie, Michael Ende has distanced himself from the movie, saying that what Bastian is trying to save in the movie is not Fantasia but Disneyland, which is not worth saving. He has desperately and to no avail tried to buy back the movie rights and it is said that he died a bitter man of the sorrows about this. When he sold the rights to his other book, Momo, he did so only under condition that he could have final approval of the movie script. Cheers, Dominik who read the book 25 years ago and saw the movie last week for the first time .


From the webmaster:

Thanks for that bit of information. Sometimes truths are saddening and we did not know his feelings about this. The actual book is far different than the movie as the case much of the time. To know that he was unhappy though is another story. Though he left this world maybe unhappy he did not leave that feeling with others. Michael Ende gave of himself more than most of us wish to in our dreams. He put a smile on millions of peoples faces and brought a moment of peace to their heart.

Thanks Dominik


The Boat Named Falcor

This is very interesting and I hope all of you enjoy it as much as I did. It came by email.

The Falkor Boat for ChildrenWe are a boat project that is dedicated to children. We take sexually, physically, and mentally abused children with eating disorders, and children who are bullied, normal children, and child carers away on a canal boat on the Leeds and Liverpool canal. After many years of struggling with other peoples boats we have had one of our own built and its name is to be Falkor. The story in the film mimics or project with regard to the courage that children have to find within themselves to cope with life.



That is why the kids called the boat falkor as it was the safest looking of the members of the cast. Please visit our web site and read our story.

Thank you, Lesley Carter

Coordinator of The next generation boat project .

I have placed a link to there site here: Next Generation Boat Project

August 12th, 2006

Lesley I was really impressed with your work and want to thank you for contacting us. We wish you and all of your children and young people the very best now and far into their future.


The Story That Never Ages - 8, 2006

Two days ago I celebrated my 60th birthday. I was in a store looking to exchange a gift I had received my oldest daughter (26,who will soon be having a baby).

I narrowed my choices to DVD's that I thought my youngest daughter (8) would like. I had already selected the Last Unicorn, Hook and another selection and was headed out the door when I spotted the Never Ending Story. I remembered how 20 years ago I had rented the VHS of this movie and loved the story, message and music, as did my oldest children.

I decided to forget the other selections and bring this DVD home to my daughter. When she heard that I could have selected the Last Unicorn (she LOVES Unicorns, and has started a Unicorn Club) she seemed slightly dejected. This made me a little sad, but I had confidence that ultimately she would see the wonder and beauty of this story. From the beginning of the movie with the surreal shots of the Nothing and the fantastic music of the Never Ending Story she was hooked.

She figured out on her own that human would join Atreyu. I was proud of her. We watched and were amazed by a story that addresses / transcends grief, loss, depression, courage, curiosity, imagination, hope.

When the movie was over she said that she thought she'd hate the movie since it wasn't familiar and wasn't what she would have selected. Instead it's now her favorite movie and she is waiting for tomorrow night when we watch Never Ending Story II.

When I put her to bed we read from a new book about Fairies. It was beautifully illustrated and had a short and simple plot. A young girl descends into the world of fairies to attend a wedding. As we read the end of the story it turns out the king and queen required a human to join the procession to ensure good fortune for the prince and princess.

It seemed as if we were right in the middle of the Never Ending Story. As a 60 year old, I've learned that watching the world through the eyes of the young is the only way you still stay young. Thank God for this movie. Thank God for the story. Thank God it will Never End because we have now joined the chain and our stories will be read forever.

Rutgers, MO USA

I to agree and thanks for your story...


Another NeverEnding Story fond fan

Ok, when I was a kid, we (siblings and I )watched this over and over again!! Well, I had the vhs but it quit! Yesterday, I found it on DVD at a local store. I paid $5.00 for it. It is worth so much more than that though!!! We just finished watching it (with my kids!!!)They have it on again now!!!

From: Sonia

Remember the days of VHS, thanks


No Age Limit

I just watched The Neverending Story, I'm sure you must get tired of hearing these, again after probably 10+ years and I have to say that it still has the same effect on me that it did when I was a child. I was afraid that I would find it cheesy and 'cheap' after all these years of growing up but I DIDNT! In this age of computer graphics and hollywood stars this move (TNES) still holds up just as strong and true as it ever has. I am still blown away by the child actors who are soooo good and convincing. I googled each and every one of them after watching, haha. I am now a 31 year old man, weird huh, and I just bought the movie online from amazon. Needless to say I was still VERY effected by its stars and message. It made me feel like I could get out of my funk just by my own imagination and sheer will. The three major stars, Atreyu, Bastian and The Empress, are just so damn good that it made me forget at times that I was watching a movie with child actors. You all deserve so much credit, actors and everyone else alike, that I wish I could see more of all of you. I wish you all the best of luck and just want to say thank you for making me happy to have added this great title to my collection.

From: Paolo

Thank You!


Just got the book 10/12/2006

Message: Hi!!! GREAT Site.. I saw this movie when I was 7 or 8.. somewhere around there and of course I loved it. i recently found the book ( had no idea all these years it was a book ) almost 20 years later! Well I am now listening to the book on audio book on my ipod phone and couldn't help googling to see what images/clips I could find on youtube or anywhere.. then I came across your site and wow.. you have everything here more than I had remembered about the movie.. i am just in the first few chapters now but having gone through the clips I remember the movie a bit better and will enjoy seeing how much better the book is! Thanks for dedicating this site to the movie... it's an excellent site! - From: Canadiana


From Anna Lee

The Neverending Story is wonderful. My one confession is that I saw the movie first, which doesn't usually happen to me. I love and adore the story. I still love the movie, even though the book's obviously better. Everything in it is genius. I'm always trying to explain things to my self. There's always one more thing to wonder about. Everything in it is fascinating, imaginative and mind-boggling, which is how I like it.
Thanks Anna

Yes, we also enjoy the freedom of thought and imagination this story portrays.


New Music and Video produced by: Federico

This is first for the site actually. Federico sent me an email with a link to a video in which he made. He composed the music and used stills from the actual movie itself. I really liked it and want to know if you do too.

Here is the link: Neverending Story Video and Music

Thanks Federico


Fantasy Boy Joey

We recieved an email the other day from Joey in the Netherlands and he mentioned his web site and so if you wish to visit his site you can do so by clicking on the link above. We wish you luck Joey and we enjoyed your creative web site.

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Note from the webmaster:

They should really consider making another Neverending Story but based upon the whole book and done with more up to date technology. This story is timeless, and the feelings that are awakened while watching or reading it are very strong and creative. From the creative and wonderful mind of Michael Ende we get to see another world he has shared with us.


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