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This is a new area that will be changing as time goes on. If you really enjoy the Harry Potter series of movies and books, then as time goes on you will be sure to find many pictures and clips of "Harry Potter, The Sorcer's Stone". We will be adding sections that cover all the Harry Potter Series in the future. This is just the beginning. Soon we will also have Harry Potter Icons .

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This was the first movie of the Harry Potter series that everyone loved since the beginning.

Harry Potter's wonderful family member. Where would Harry be without them?

The brains behind the Harry Potter Story.

Do you remember when Harry was this young?

Nice site for when you show up to school.

We are off to see the Wizard!


Please come back soon because we will continue to update this site as time goes on.

Harry Potter Myspace Graphics and Codes

We will continue to add more pictures of all your favorite Harry Potter scenes and there will be code provided so that you can copy it straight into your Myspace site in seconds.



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