A Small Part of Our History

Yes, it was a long time ago and it all started because I just loved the book "The Never Ending Story". One day when my children were young I decided to make this site for a hobby. The picture below used to be part of the navigation used to find your way from place to place on the site. I have been unable to just toss this old picture out in the digital garbage because 100's of thousands of people remember it. So it will remain here for some time.


Goodbye to the old Neverending Story and Hello to the New

From this time on the site will become the most informative site on the Internet about the Neverending Story. I have to give a lot of thanks to one main person for the new additions. His name is Tom Stroehla and he has a great site about The Neverending Story. Below is a small caption of his home page. Please stop by and say hello to the man that helped rebuild this site. I would of never been able to do this without his help. While you're there please tell him thanks for all of his work and keeping a dream alive. Our thanks fine sir for a job well done.


Thanks Tom for your amazing work
Our appreciation to the man that made this possible.


Welcome to the home of the Neverending Story website. This is not the official site of "The Neverending Story. You can find pictures, video clips, and also comments about the story itself.

Thanks from the Southern Oracle. Yes, if I could have one wish.....it would be to make you smile. (the webmaster) The NeverEnding Story has always meant a lot to many people throughout the world. The book is so wonderful because it makes you dream and if your lucky, you will be able to visit Fantasia and be a part of the NeverEnding Story. It's sad that this book and movie does not have the impact that it does to some as it does to others. If all could just take a moment here and a moment there and let their imagination soar, they to could see why this book and the movie are so special. The Neverending Story has caused me to receive emails from people all over the world and for that I can not say thanks enough.


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Are you interested in having your own page on this site. How about your own email? If so let us know. We are considering making this site a place that all can share their Neverending Stories. If you have an interest in this just click "here" and select "My Page" under Attention.


If there is a good response to this then we will setup accounts for everyone that wants them. Make sure that you let us know.


Thanks from the Webmaster