This is when the movie really starts getting some action. Atreyu is the main character in The Neverending Story in which Bastian has some control of while reading the Story. The book tells a much more detailed portrayal of what really takes place and allows for your imagination to run wild. If you haven't read The Neverending Story or watched the show you might really want to consider it.

Here you will find a sequence of pictures that are ordered in the event of the movie itself. There are three pages all together of pictures. After just a simple click you will see the enlarged version and can return back to the site using your browsers back button.

We hope these pics bring back good memories for those of you that have watched the movie or read the book, and for those that have'nt, maybe these will inspire you to rent the movie or buy the book. Thanks again for visiting.


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The Neverending Story Southern Oracle
Atreyu flying on Falco
Bastian very concerned about The Neverending Story
Bastian throwing down The Neverending Story Book The Nothing
The evil wolf from The Neverending Story
Atreyu with Sword Falcor the Luck Dragon in a hurry.


The pictures below were stills taken off of the DVD "The NeverEnding Story" For those of you that have seen the movie will remember each of them very well. You can click on any of them to see a larger view of them. Please use your back button to return to this page. The NeverEnding Story is a young child's dream and fantasy come true and is great movie for the whole family.

Future Plans

As time goes on we will be adding more and more pictures of the Neverending Story I with icons and Myspace Layouts and codes.

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This site is a non profit hobby and was purely made for those entertained by the movie The Neverending Story, that Warner Brothers made available to all of us. The book was written by Michael Ende and to him we give thanks. The Neverending Story was nothing shy of the pure form of a child's imagination put into a book so that it could be shared by all. Thanks to those actors for the hard work that they put forward to create the movie "The Neverending Story".



Just added 11/13/2006:


New Video

Check out the great new video from Italy. It is worth your time to click on this link: New Video and music of The Neverending Story. Updated music score.



New Midi Theme Song

This one is just for those of you that might want to here a new midi from the movie soundtrack.

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