The Neverending Story I

We have collected more information on the characters that you might be able to find anywhere else in the world. You are going to find pictures and career information about many of them. Some of the cast you might even be able to try and contact. We will be adding more as time goes on.

By using the links below we have made dedicated pages for most of the main actors in "The Neverending Story".


Actor: Noah Hathaway

Born: Nov. 13th, 1971

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Parents: Robert and Judy

Sister: Aubrey


Actor: Barret Oliver

Born: Aug 24th, 1973

Location: Los Angles, CA

Parents: Kent and Kathy


Childlike Princess

Actress: Tamara Stronach

Born: July 31st, 1972

Location: Teheran, Iran

Website: Tami Stronach


The Neverending Story I

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Actors Names: Noah Hathaway - - - - - Atreyu
Barret Oliver - - - - - Bastian
Tami Stronach - - - - - Childlike Empress
Patricia Hayes - - - - - Urgl
Sydney Bromley - - - - - Engywook
Gerald McRaney - - - - - Bastian's Father
Moses Gunn - - - - - Cairon



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