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Bastian starts to read "The Neverending Story"

Some of the strange characters in The Neverending Story

Bastian begins to read.

The three travelers.

Atreyu receives the Auryn to help
protect him to save Fantasia
from the Nothing.

Atreyu and Artax traveling.

The Swamp of Sadness.

Morla, the swamp tortoise.

Gnome and the first gate. Yes,
the Neverending Story even
has gnomes.

Atreyu running for his life from the
Southern Oracle

Flying on Falcor

Ivory Tower

Breakfast for Falcor - Falcor is one
of the most popular creatures in The
Neverending story actually.

Atreyu saved from the swamp.

Gmork the wolf.

Atreyu with the Child Like Empress.

Bastian naming the Empress.

Atreyu in the mirror. Soon, Bastian
will understand he controls Fantasia.
The Neverending Story Book has
given him the power to make or
destroy this imaginary world.

"Moon Child" is what he yells.

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When viewing the pictures of the movie "The Neverending Story" you will have to use the back button on your
browser to return. These pictures were all taken from still frames off the DVD movie of The Neverending Story.
This site is a non profit hobby and was purely made for those entertained by the movie The Neverending Story,
that Warner Brothers made available to all of us. The book was written by Michael Ende and to him we give thanks.
The Neverending Story was nothing shy of the pure form of a child's imagination put into a book so that it
could be shared by all. Thanks to those actors for the hard work that they put forward to create the movie
"The Neverending Story".

Actors Names: Noah Hathaway - - - - -Atreyu
Barret Oliver - - - - - Bastian
Tami Stronach - - - - - Childlike Empress
Patricia Hayes - - - - - Urgl
Sydney Bromley - - - - - Engywook
Gerald McRaney - - - - - Bastian's Father
Moses Gunn - - - - - Cairon

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